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Journal Scan Internal Medicine

4.8 ( 368 ratings )
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Vývojář: PlayToKnow AG

This app was developed by a medical doctor for specialists of internal medicine in order to not miss important new publications.

The app allows you to scan relevant journals in internal medicine in a fast and efficient way for the newest papers. In addition you can define pubmed searches of your topic of interest and add custom rss-feeds. You can scroll abstracts (or even full text with the weblink) to quickly decide whether that is a relevant paper for you or not. If so, you can mail the link and read/store the paper in your library on your PC or laptop. Or you can save it to the myarticles section of the app and read it later on your iphone. You can also share with friends and colleagues by email, facebook or twitter (iOS 5).

Although the big journals have apps themselves, you tend to loose yourself in all the additional content provided. Moreover it is often not convenient to read articles on the iphone. Journal Scan Internal Medicine is the answer for fast and efficient scans of important information.